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Message from Founder Trustee

Education is a subject which is very close to my heart and my inspiration to contribute to the cause of education has been my late father – Dr. M. S. Ramaiah who pioneered the introduction and growth of education in the private sector 6 decades ago. Following closely in his footsteps, the M. s. Ramaiah Foundation was established in 2oo7 with the sole objective of providing high quality education to the torch bearers of our great nation – the young citizens of lndia. It has been my endeavour to not just provide education to those who seek it, but instead shape them into good corporate citizens by inculcating in them good values and at the same time focusing on their all-round development, Every student of our foundation is provided ample opportunities to develop themselves holistically and to realise their full potential in the areas of Management Studies, Legal Studies and Under Graduate Studies. My vision is to ensure knowledge for all, to evolve leaders, and to nurture minds.


Founder Trustee, MS Ramaiah Foundtion

Message from our Trustee

The value based education system transforms a product from our institutions into a brand which is valued perennially. We at M.S.Ramaiah Foundation Group of Institutions, along with academic inputs, train the prospects in the areas of professional and personal discipline, adherence to norms of the institute, interpersonal relationship, and respect for culture, ethics, etiquettes and law of the land. We encourage and nurture talents of the students in the areas of –music, classical dance, and other arts besides academics. It will be a home away from home, while evolving into professionals demanded by the corporates.

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