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The Career Development Council’s Message

Career Development Council at MSRF offers a variety of services designed to prepare and nurture aspirants to be ‘’Ready to Employ, Deploy’’ professionals in various domains. It is enabled to facilitate training and development of students through an array of customized soft skills and technical skills which shall be embedded along with university curriculum.

Students from all discipline are trained in interpersonal relationship management and individual social responsibility. CDC conducts various activities and workshops like Business Communication, Etiquettes, moot court, Communication Via Acting, Interview Skills, Personality Development programs, Skill Development programs which focus on Emotional Intelligence, as well as Technical Skills such as Advance Excel, Digital Marketing, Business Analytics. (Certification course)

Apart from this Placement services are available to all the students and Alumni of the MSRF family throughout the year.The students are given Internship Opportunities as well as placement services till they are placed. There is a dynamic interface between the placed Alumni in the company and the outgoing students of each year which facilitates the valuable insight into the current industry scenario.

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