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  • Rotaract Club Activities – October 2019

    • 26 October 2019


    “To have success in your professional life is not so hard. To succeed as a man is more difficult.”

    The main aim of the project was to get a glimpse of the scenario of how a real life placement process is being carried out . This has helped the rotaractors to improve on their loopholes . Initially we started off with the group discussions followed by the personal interview of each participants. The panellists were Dr. Murali and Prof. Prasad Lingana . We had a crowd of 100 members who participated and made this project a great success.

    “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food “

    World Food Day is an action dedicated to tackling global hunger , we the Rac Rims came together to declare our commitment to eradicate hunger . Thus with 20 rotaractors we went on a mission to provide food and a token of joy to 30 children at Kalpa Raksha Educational Trust. We also had a very enthusiastic interactive session with the kids

    “Earn but not burn, celebrate a safe Diwali”

    As the festival of lights is here and the truth always triumphs over the evil. So this time there was a small initiative from our club to have a green Diwali and educate the people around to limit the use of crackers . On this auspicious occasion we propounded the idea of a green Diwali that is lighting up earthen lamps which are hand painted. We invested ₹600 and sold 2 earthen lamps for ₹25, these earthen lamps were on sale and the funds raised through it was used for a noble cause for the betterment of orphans. The amount was used to buy first aid items, stationary and sanitary items for the young girls

    “One sheds blood to protect the world,
    The other sheds to generate the world.
    Both are warriors”

    Women are soldiers in their own way , from the time they are born they fight each day and. Thus to ease the fights of the little buds the women of our club had a small session on educating the girls about personal and menstrual hygiene , how to use a sanitary napkins and the disposal of these napkins . We also briefed them about how a girl should takes care of herself and be aware of various miss happenings in and around them . We also distributed toiletries and sanitary items to the girls, these items were bought by the funds collected during the sale of earthen lamps.

    “Children are like wet cement whatever falls on them makes an impression”

    We under took Poornapura Government School where the rotaractors trained 30 student for about 5 days for the Rota Fest in fields of drama, dance, singing, rangoli, pot paining and collage for the competition. The children were very enthusiastic and keen to learn. In this processes many students also discovered their hidden talents and came out of their comfort zone and performed their heart out. We escorted the children to the venue where they had their performance and we also bagged the 1st prize for collage. The children were enthralled with the whole experience and a gleeful time.