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  • RIMS -HR Club – “Know my story”

    • 13 August 2020

    RIMS -HR Club – Peopable presented “Know my story” on 27th Feb,2020.
    Robert McKee once said that story telling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today. In case if we really want to be emphatic in idea communication and in persuasion of change of attitude and behaviour in others then in that case we should try to use the best tool of Story telling.
    HR Club-Peopable presented a Story telling session in the campus.
    “Great stories happen to those who can tell them.” –Ira Glas
    This was a day that brought all of us, the honourable Dean, Dr. Radha. R, the distinguished faculties and senior as well as junior students together to listen to real successful stories of campus placed students.
    Seniors who made it to the top companies in India like TCS, Amazon, Deloitte, E&Y,, Spoorthi Spandana shared their inspirational stories in the session. The seniors shared their own personal and individual experiences in group discussion and interview.
    The great story tellers of the session were Ms.Vasudha(Deloitte) ,Mr.Sudhanshu(Amazon),Ms.Poojashree(Amazon),Ms.Poorwa(,Ms.Tharuna(Spoorthi Spandhana), Mr.Suchit (E&Y), Ms.Pushpavathi (TCS) and Ms.Sindhu(TCS)
    The senior students advised and gave plenty of inputs in the form of techniques and practices that ought to be followed in getting oneself finally placed during campus placement.
    Few of the key takeaways of the session included:
    1. Follow your interest.
    2. Never give up.
    3. Hard work and hard times only polish our personalities ,so never run away from it.
    4. What we are is because of what we do?
    5. Be patient to tide over rough times and never stop learning.
    6. If you believe so shall you get. Finally to sum up in a beautiful quote by Roy T. Bennett,
    “Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful.”
    Seniors as they narrated their stories reflected some amazing great qualities in them like clarity of purpose, perseverance, self-driven abilities and high levels of optimism. So what the juniors could really understand from the session was to nurture these qualities in them by expressing them more and more.
    Great stories actually happen to those who possess in them, these great qualities .