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    • 3 August 2020

    Alma Mater Online Webinar Series
    6th July 2020 – 10th July 2020

    Alumni are the brand ambassadors of the Institution they have graduated from.An Institution’s Alumni are the reflection of its past, representation of its present and a link to its future.
    Alumni Community can be a win-to-win for both the Institution and the alumni. Leveraging the alumni community can be a win-to-win for both the Institution and the alumni. Many of the alma mater are willing to GIVE BACK as a sign of their gratitude and affinity towards the Institution. They are significant stakeholder to actively participate in the Institutions Developmental Activities like creating awareness and perception towards their institution graduated from, aid in admissions, share their experience which may aid as mentoring for the prospective students in their career, etc.Our alumni’s network has aided us a lot in giving the career guidance.
    RIMS ALMA MATER ONLINE WEBINAR SERIES was organised from 6thJuly 2020 to 10thJuly 2020 with an objective were our alumni network share their knowledge and aid in giving guidance in career and insights of our Institution too. To this webinar series, 174 participants registered across the world and few participants witnessed the sharing session.The co-ordinators for the event were Dr. Murali S and Dr. Dhanalakshmi K and Prof. Srinivas Ashwath Faculty fraternity, with constant support from Dr. Radha R, Dean RIMS.
    On the first day, 06th July 2020, the session began with an inaugural speech by Dr. Radha, Dean and then taken by Ms. UMA DEVI B DESAI, Batch 2009-2011 on “CAREER IN SALES”at10.30-11.30 am. She emphasized on, sales jobs is a current trend and ever moving job. The sales jobs are flexible, challenging and adventurous too. The sales job is the stepping ladder for any students’ to move ahead in the marketing arena. She also remarked, there is no gender discrimination for sales job and never to step back for any sales jobs opportunities, as they are for-ever booming in any market situation.
    Second day, 07th July 2020, Ms. VARSHA S KODIYAL, Batch 2014-2016, took the session on “OPPORTUNITIES IN AGRICULTURE”at11.00-12.00 noon. She shared her voyage from campus to corporate and from corporate to agriculture field and expressed, there are lots of opportunities in agribusiness especially in logistics, co-operative farming and creating awareness to the modern techniques to the farmers, the backbone of the society. The session was completely an interactive session with many queries,responded by Ms. Varsha proactively.
    Third day, 08th July 2020, Mr. DARA PAVAN KUMAR, Batch 2015-2017, spoke on “WORKFORCE IN FUTURE” at 1.00 to 2.00 noon. He emphasized his journey before and after joining RIMS, the importance of specialization for MBA students. The job market is completely submerged with technology and knowledge on analytics, advanced excel, machine learning, artificial intelligence are essential for job seekers. Finally he emphasized by updated not only on the present upcoming courses but also forecast what would be the next and try to be updated and not outdated.
    Fourth day, 09th July 2020, Mr. CHETAN U, Batch 2016-2018 spoke on “NUANCES OF CHOOSING THE RIGHT ORGANISATION”at11.00-12.00 noon. He gave for all the respondents’ six series of questions to analyze before the aspirants to get into the job. He also narrated the difference between the job and the career. He also highlighted on skills are an essential ingredient for any job seeker, where Professor Prasad linganna also added the value of skill on upskilling, reskilling and cross skilling too all the participants. Chetan expressed the importance of exit interviews / exit meeting gives a lot of inputs to move ahead for the development of an individual as well as an organization. Finally, he urged all organizations look forward for the leadership skills and which has to be upgraded by the MBA students.
    Fifth day, the final day, 10th July, 2020, Ms. SHINY CHERYL, Batch 2008-2010led the session on “STRESS MANAGEMENT”at11.00-12.00 noon. She highlighted on the concepts of stress, stress managements, types of stress, ABC strategy to overcome the stress and also highlighted from “A to Z” the points how to overcome the stress. She also gave a remarkable insight not to opt the extreme step to take the life but move on coping with stress as the Covid 19 situation is in-stagnant and everything becomes normal but takes time.