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    • 5 April 2021
    MARKATUS, the Marketing Club has organised the “Mock Selling” event on 31st March, 2021 for the first year and final year students of PGPM + PGDM, PGDM and AU with a purpose where the students get a chance to practice their strategies and prepare for every possible situation to sell their products given. This activity also gave a platform to showcase their selling skills and enabled them to learn selling techniques, personality and fit within the role. This activity also aided to the students to analyse on their own strengths, weakness and to work on the areas of improvement in the performance of sales.

    This activity was led by the faculty facilitator Dr. Murali S, Dr. Swapna M and Dr. Dhanalakshmi and the Student Volunteers Mr. Pankaj, Ms. Savithri, Ms. Ananya, final year students, PGPM, PGDM and AU, respectively and the photography was exclusively taken by Mr. Mohan, first year PGPM student. Dr. Murali S briefed the about the activity as well as on the evaluation criteria too.

    Thirty (30) teams had participated for this event, where they were evaluated by Dr. Dhanalakshmi and Prof. Srinivas Ashwath on the parameters viz., selling approach, create a sense of urgency, change perception, convincing skills too.

    The winner of the team are Ms. Maanya A Manohar and Rahul Shukla, First Year, PGPM + PGDM and the runner of the team are Mr. Nihal Karunkara Shetty and Mr. Rajmohan Krishnaraja Rao, First Year, PGPM + PGDM students

    Prof. Prasad Linganna, Dean along with faculty team Dr. Murali S, Dr. Dhanalakshmi and Prof. Srinivas Aswath distributed the Cash prize of Rs 1,500/- and 1,000/- to the winner and runner team, respectively.

    Prof. Prasad Linganna, Dean, distributing the cash prize Rs 1,000/- for the runner-up team

    Prof. Prasad Linganna, Dean, distributing the cash prize Rs 1,500/- for the winner team