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  • On 28th Nov,2020 RIMS HR CLUB

    • 17 December 2020

    The Peopable presented a great learning live virtual session on the topic

    ”The Right Alignment with the HR 2020 World”

    “I wouldn’t say anything is impossible. I think that everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it and put the work and time to it.”Michael Phelps.

    A Right quote and introduction for our guest speakers of the day, our alumni.

    All the three are perfect professionals, dedicated, very focussed , great achievers and performers throughout their academics. It is all that they have put in their work that has kept them going and achieving. Ms. Jigyasa, Ms. Karishma and Ms. Chitraxi , RIMS HR alumni(PGPM 2017-2019 batch) were the guest speakers who in their busiest of their schedules took time out for all of us to make us learn 2020 HR real corporate concepts in the functional areas of recruitment, learning and development and compensation.

    It was indeed a deep engaging and interactive session for one and a half hour that started at 9.15 am.

    Webinar is a good way to learn as it brings all of us in one platform of knowledge exchange.

    Ms.Vibha a 2nd year AU student on behalf of HR club conveyed a very warm welcome to our alumni and all the participants (PGPM,PGDM and AU HR students).

    Ms.Drishti,a 2nd year AU student anchored the event and took us through the complete three sessions of the day.


    It was a knowledge exchange session where our guest speakers threw light on what companies today are actually expecting from the incumbents in workplaces to perform HR roles as Associate Consultants, L&D Specialists and Compensation Administrator.

    Know real-world HR concepts of 2020

    Ms. Jigyasa (Associate Consultant at Careernet Technologies):She shared the concept related to recruitment that were being followed by organisations today like pre-follow up ,in-boarding, candidate management, networking, market mapping and understanding beyond job description.

    Ms. Karishma (L&D specialist at SISA Information Security pvt.Ltd):She shared the concepts related to Learning and Training: roles and responsibilities, learning the strategies, designing e-learning courses, keep a track of candidates, role of supporting manager and take feedback from team managers.

    Ms. Chitraxi (Compensation Administrator at Cargill pvt.Ltd):She discussed on concepts related to compensation :managing cash compensation globally, managing the non-managerial incentive plans, transitioning new incentive plans, supporting annual global process, managing deferred bonus, participating in global comp survey, transforming compensation data.


    Much awaited by the participants this round disclosed the success formulae for cracking campus placement directly from the HR Professionals.

    The key takeaways of the round were as follows

    Learn Excel, always be honest in answering, relate your strength with that specific job opening, state how you could help the organisation in achieving its objectives. Yes, aptitude, communication skills and attitude does matter in selection. Also choose the company whose culture, values and goals are in right alignment with your goals and values. Companies look for team players if these few attributes could be reflected through the interactions, the candidate holds a bright chance of selection. Organisations evaluates the complete individual in terms of citizenship behaviour. Companies want to know how every employee can contribute in making organisation achieve their respective goals.


    3 Volunteers and 3 Questions, it is all about 1:1:1

    A most exciting and engaging round where 1 participant gets 1 question from 1 speaker as an open mock interview.

    Ms. Jigyasa questioned Priyanka: Why should we hire you?

    Answer by expert: Talk about your strength, Talk about how you could bring growth to the organisation and in the last talk about your networking capabilities.

    Ms.Chitraxi questioned Divya: What is the biggest challenge you have ever faced in your life?

    Answer by expert: Tell how did you work on it and also share your experience as to how will you help others to overcome the same problem.

    Ms. Karishma questioned Vibha: Why are you interested in Learning and development?

    Answer by expert: Tell about the benefits it does for every employee and finally the organisation.

    “Gratitude is when memory is stored in Heart and not in the Mind”-Lionel Hampton.

    Finally the session ended in a happy note and the vote of thanks was expressed by Ms.Neha 2nd year PGDM student.

    Beautiful memories of the session were captured by Mr.Hari,2nd year AU student.

    Compiled by 2nd year students(MBA AU) :Ms. Priyanka , Prof. Rohini Rathore (Faculty- in- charge)
    Photographed by 2nd year student(MBA AU): Mr.Hari
    Poster created by by 2nd year student(MBA AU):Ms.Drishti