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Each institute has well equipped academic support in the form of:

Computer & Business Lab

Seminar Hall

Knowledge Resource Center


Our institutes have their own panel of expert faculty offering academic support to the students along with various value added courses and co-curricular and extra curricular activities.

Computer Lab

The Institute believes that the best way to keep pace with technological changes is by giving the students upgraded computer facility which consists of a large number of computers backed with latest software and internet connectivity. The Institute has an exclusive department comprising of well qualified, trained and experienced personnel that takes care of the computer labs, systems, networking and information technology requirements.

The Computer Lab is equipped with

  • Desktop computers
  • Licensed software (MS Office, Language Lab)
  • Access to specific online database such as Proquest(E-journals), Manupatra.
  • Air Conditioners
  • LCD projectors and
  • White boards.

Knowledge Resource CenterKnowledge Resource Center

About Library
    •  10,490 Volumes
    •  3,885 Titles
    •  3,001 Reference Books
    •  1,060 E-Journals
    •  IIMB & British Council Library Member
Print Periodicals Subscribed
  •  International Journals-09
  •  National Journals-18
  •  Magazines-11
  •  News Papers-20
  •  (Languages- Eng-10, Kannada-2, Tamil-1, Malayalam-1, Hindi-1, Telugu-1
Library Services offered
Circulation of BooksACADEMICS
Category of Membership No. of Books Periodicity
PG Students 03 Fifteen days
Faculty Member 10 One Month
Visiting/Adjunct faculty 03 One Semester
Administrative Staff 03 One Month
Classification of BooksACADEMICS
    • All the subjects’ books are arranged as per the classification
Reference ServicesACADEMICS
    • Reference books (only to refer on the reference section itself) not for borrowing.
    • Photocopy / Scanning Facility available
Inter Library LoanACADEMICS
    • Document delivery service through IIMB Library and British Council Library to provide to its readers for the books, manuscripts and journal articles.
User awareness ProgrammeACADEMICS
    • Library facility and services orientation programme is given for the new students and Staff.
    • Online Public Access Catalogue available for all to cheek.
Library Timings – 08 AM to 07 PMACADEMICS
  • Monday to Friday – 08AM to 08PM
  • Saturday – 08AM to 05PM
  • Sunday – Holiday
E- Journals

ProQuest                                                                  OPAC



Inter Collegiate Fest

An affirmation of all the inputs received in the college is witnessed during the inter-college fests. There is a flurry of activities while students prepare for the preliminary rounds held at the college to identify the most talented in the chosen area. The fact that the students are groomed to take any challenge is visible in the number of awards they bring after a fierce battle of wits with the best from other business schools.

Sports And Cultural Activities

Sports and cultural activities are a favorite for obvious reasons. Vigor, variety and versatility are the theme for the season and not one is left untouched by its sheer pervasiveness and inclusiveness. Everyone is gifted and every gift is celebrated. Indoor and outdoor games; music, art and craft are part of everyday scene during the days dedicated to bring out the most evolved.

Cultural Diversity

India is what India does. What it does most beautifully is by adopting all differences and weaves them into an enchanting tapestry of color, music, art and dance. In a true tribute to the nation our students strive to celebrate all festivals by enjoying the differences and integrating it among the seamless learning offered in the college.

Community Service

What good is great teaching if it does not touch the life of the common man? RIMS Students are part of the change-makers who know to turn a street into a no-plastic zone. The other services include donating blood, collecting money for the victims of natural disasters….. which are all spontaneous activities that do not require a great deal of effort; just a sensitivity to make a difference.

Campus Facilities

Ergonomics is a growing field of interest and we borrow from the latest research and developments in making the place of learning adapted to ensure the best learning environment. The seating arrangements and placing various equipment’s in most effective ways have ensured low fatigue among students. The LCD projectors, A/Cs, Podium etc. are placed optimally to leverage maximum learning.

Hostel Facilities

A stay should be comfortable and while it’s challenging to bring the comforts of home we do try to make it into one. Options like Single double and triple occupancy rooms with attached bathrooms are available. All rooms are furnished with table, chair, cupboards and cots for individual students.

Typical Day At MSRF

A rush to put the foot in the door, quite literally, is a usual sight at eight in the morning when the first lecture for the day begins. Case studies, article review, assignments, presentations and workshops form the major challenges for the day. Tea time, lunch time and other empty hours in between are a welcome break to recharge the energy levels and to match the furious pace of the day. The cafeteria is the place for ceaseless chatter and boundless laughter till a peek into the watch indicates a call to get back to the calling of the day.

Library and Computer lab are places visited most during the exams and while working on the Market Research projects. Access to some of the finest research journals, magazines, and books is not just the only reason. The online access to best content sourced from across the world makes the world flat just this once if not always. The window is open and Google is a helpful friend to navigate the labyrinth of Big Data. However, books lined up on the shelf are still great friends and losing oneself in those pages is a case for getting lost. Why the head does not weigh a ton more is the common refrain. The whine and grind apart, a day at RIMS requires discipline and courage which explains the boundless capacity of RIMS Students to pack more into their daily routine.

Integrity and honesty is expected in everything and laxity on these results in great concerns among the top management. Good ethics makes great business sense and these are values brought out into the open and allowed to soak in. Some take longer but when it’s time to step out, the ethics code is part of the biological system.

Living In Bangalore

The best city to live in India is Bangalore- Silicon Valley of India. A great weather, helpful people and plenty of job opportunities are what make Bangalore such a heaven for young people pining to grow among the best. The cosmopolitan culture and access to best entertainment options are inviting. A semi westernized city, it sports an open culture and embraces the ethnic and foreign alike. It has something for every pocket and living within the means is not very difficult. Well connected road transport facilities and advent of Metro Rail has added modern dimensions to the city although the traffic congestions show no sign of receding. Language will never be a problem in Bangalore. Anyone can easily move around in the city if they know Hindi or English. Food for every palette is another reason why you may not miss home. Variety of options at a wide spectrum of prices is easily accessible.