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  • HR Club Activity 1

    • 10 April 2021
    RIMS HR CLUB motto

    “Your participation is our guiding light,
    And Your spirit to learn is our Motivation’’

    The Peopable -RIMS HR Club presented its first HR Learning series on “The Right On-boarding Attitude on 27th March,2021.

    It is said that the most beautiful way to start and end the day is with the grateful heart.

    So to relate and understand the concept of positive attitude, the session began with the keynote given by Prof.Rohini Rathore (in-charge HR club) on showing our gratitude for every good thing that came to us that day as it nurtured the very right positive attitude that the session intended to inculcate.

    She deeply showed her gratitude and thanked the institution RIMS, Dr.M.R.Pattabiram (Managing Trustee) ,Prof. Prasad Linganna , Dean-in-Charge, Dr.Swapna, HOD,and all faculty colleagues for giving the very platform of knowledge exchange.She thanked and honoured the guest speakers, Ms. Shraddha and Ms. Pushpita (alumni of batch 2017-2019),RIMS Brand Ambassadors with a token of appreciation on delivering their candid talk and thought on the right on-boarding attitude. She narrated,

    Life is an open book,
    So come read and learn from everything around you
    your surroundings
    your workplace
    your work,
    your boss, friend, parents
    and yes, seniors too..

    She told that it was indeed a blessed day to have seniors here today to make us learn the essential skills and behaviours necessary for an on-boarding success. Drishti, a 2nd year HR specialisation student took the charge of taking us through the show along with Navya, Namrata and Niharika.

    Shraddha Jain who is a recruitment Officer at GSK shared her unfiltered experience. Why should we hire you? This is a common question which every recruiter asks his interviewee. The Idea behind asking this question is to know what makes you stand out; do you have the skills the recruiter is looking for? She Quotes, “Finding a Job itself is a full-time job”, and to stand out of the box, we need to showcase the best of ourselves, now . She gave extremely valuable tips and suggestions for the right onboarding attitude and emphasized that one should customize their CV as per the job description they are applying for.

    Namrata Sain of 1st year PGPM+PGDM invited the versatile, quick learner Ms. Pushpita to share her candid experience on ‘Right Onboarding Attitude’. She said, now when you have got a good job, how you should stick in a new corporate work environment. She started with her motivational talk and gave wonderful suggestions for onboarding success.

    One of the takeaways from Pushpita’s talk was that one should not run behind the money but should learn to value the work and the impact it makes to the society and the firm, be aware that every little thing is worth and every little thing is counted.

    An indepth report compiled by Namrata Sain 1st year PGPM+PGDM student.Session beautifully captured under the lens of camera and photographed by Mohan 1st year PGPM+PGDM student.Student co-ordinators who contributed in the success of the session are

    Ameen,Niharika,Mohan,Namrata,Navya,Vivek Drishti and Srikant.