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  • Freshers Day-IGNITE 2020(unleash the fire in you)…..

    • 22 December 2020

    A New Day, a New Hope, a New life , a New Normal and a New Virtual Celebrations is what Ignite 2020 brings this year

    Freshers Day-IGNITE 2020(unleash the fire in you)…..

    A year has passed…….

    And the day has come again to mark a formal beginning of our student’s academic journey…..
    The day has come to introduce our new batch of students to our RIMS family…….
    The day has come to make our students know each other, the seniors, the teachers and the non-teaching staff ……..

    And finally,
    The day has come to bring out the very best in our students in terms of their talent, passion, participation, unwavering commitment, teamwork, confidence, hardwork, companionship, compassion and the zeal to do…….

    It was a glorious live virtual event, Ignite 2020 that marked the official welcoming of new batch of Post-Graduate Management students at RIMS on 4th Dec,2020.

    The event commenced at 10.30 am. It was indeed a deep engaging and exciting virtual event same as in- person. It brought wider audiences which included all the students with their families in one platform to celebrate the formal welcoming event.

    To grace the virtual occasion the guest of honour, Dr. M.R. Pattabhiram (Director, MSRF & RIMS), Dr.R.Radha (Dean),the chief guest, Mr.Vidyanag Moka, founder CEO VTG India Pvt. Ltd, Cultural Committee head and members, Program heads, faculties ,non-teaching staff ,seniors students and the freshers were present.

    The ceremony commenced with an invocation song,” Maha Ganapathim” recited by the senior student Ms. Sahana Bhat. The recital invokes the blessings of Almighty Lord , Ganesha for prosperity and fortune to symbolically mark the successful beginning of the academic journey.

    The ceremony preceded with the lighting of lamp. The gathering stood up in mark of rememberance and paid a rich floral tributes to our beloved founder,Dr.M.S.Ramaiah.

    Dr.Radha (Dean) on behalf of MSRF and RIMS extended her greetings and whole hearted welcome to each and everyone present in this virtual event with few words of advice and blessings. She engrossed the audience with her exceptional skills in narrating short stories. The stories carried inspirational lessons of life.

    Great people have a lot to share and teach from their personal experiences.

    Our chief guest, Mr.Vidyanag Moka is an international motivational guru, a business coach, an entrepreneur, an author and a passionate dancer, He shared his professional success formula and advised the students to be impulsively creative and passionate.

    The duet anchors(seniors) Ms. Ananya and Ms. Tuleshwari kept the audience amused, excited and engaged throughout with their scripted lively conversation.

    The expedition of pulsating entertainment commenced. It was indeed a cultural fiesta which included breathtaking solo and group performances by both seniors and freshers. It was an amalgamation of mellifluous music and dazzling dances with recorded and live streaming by participants. To refresh and treat our eyes, some beautiful moments in nature were captured in the camera by Mr.Shafeeq, a senior student.

    Talent has no confinements and boundaries , it makes performer showcase their creativity and skill even distant away. A first of its kind, an online group performances in singing and dancing kept the audience enthralled.

    Now came, the much awaited and penultimate segment of judging the Best Fresher. The preparation started two week in advance under the commendable, unwavering commitment and supersvision of seven senior student co-ordinators Ram, Pankaj, Ananya, Tuleshwari, Vishal, Durga and Savithri. It was a real titanic task that comprised of four rigorous rounds to identify the top 10 contestants from 120 participants The show was immensely enjoyable and the senior students made all their efforts in keeping the freshers inspired and motivated throughout all the online rounds.

    In the final two rounds, the two judges asked volley of questions to judge the contestant’s attitude , ethnicity , perception and personality.

    Prof. Prasad Linganna and Dr. Murali,the judges kept the audiences amused and glued eveyone to screen till the end through their witty conversation . A very lively and a deep engaging session that made and helped in identifying the best in every contestant. It unleased the true personality that had to be worn and seen in a true Best Fresher and a runner up.

    Finally the proud moment of announcing and congratulating The Best Fresher and the runner-up came.

    Dr.Radha,Dean took the gracious honour in declaring and presenting a cash of Rs.5000/ -to The Best Fresher 2020,Mr.Nihal Shetty and a cash of Rs.3000/-

    to the Runner-up 2020,Ms.Navya C.

    “Talents win games but intelligence and teamwork wins Challenges”-Michael Jordan

    Sincere and deepest gratitude was expressed for Dr.M.R.Pattabhiram,(Director),Mrs Anitha Pattabhiram (Managing Trustee), Dr. Radha R.(Dean), Prof. Prasad Linganna and Dr. Murali (the judges of the final event),Cultural committee Head(Dr.Swapna)and members Prof. Chandini and Prof.Rohini. Heartfelt gratitude was expressed to all the other judges for earlier rounds Dr. Dhanalakshmi, Dr. Sreerangan, Prof. Mallika, Prof. Sridhar, Prof. Ravindra and the seven dedicated student co-ordinators through ‘Vote of Thanks’ delivered by Ms.Savithri. Finally all 250 participants were acknowledged and appreciated for being a part of the show that made the event one of the most memorable one.

    This day would not have been complete without acknowledging the event’s technical expert, Prof. Ashwath Srinivas and Mr. Manu. Their complete technical support throughout the day transformed the virtual platform into live entertaining virtual stage.

    At the end everyone stood for the National Anthem.

    The beautiful memory of the day were finally captured and stored forever in the group photograghs taken by Mr.Vishal (2nd year MBA AU student).

    Finally to conclude with a saying,
    Your participation is our Guiding light……
    Your Spirit to do and perform is our Motivation…..
    And to have all of You with us in all our celebrations is our Dream………

    Compiled by 2nd year students :Ms.Savithr and Ms.Tuleshwari
    Photogragped by 2nd year student:Vishal R. Bharati
    Faculty- in- charge: Prof.Rohini Rathore