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  • FINGAIN-March 05, 2019

    • 5 March 2019

    Fingain (A Creativity and Investment competition) was organised from the finance club to the first and final year students. Ten Teams, two members in each team participated in this event in two rounds, where in the first round a loan of Rs 100 was given in the form of raw materials, where they had to prepare the product and exhibit their creativity in preparation of the product through the available resources with the team members and asked them to sell their respective product made / manufactured in such a way that they should be able to generate their profit, waive back their loan amount with 5% rate of interest. The students sold their products too, where in few teams were unable to earn their investment neither their profit.

    Nine teams were selected for the second round where the teams were asked to invest on the revenue generated teams The team who invested on the higher revenue generated teams and ensured their return on investment is higher and has increased their investment returns in higher rate were considered as the winners. A rebate of 20% of rebate on the revenue they generated was made after deducting their loan and interest amount from their team revenue.

    The winner of the event are Mr. Vishnu and Mr.Parag, PGDM (AIMA)

    The runner of the event are Mr.Jayaraj and Mr. Vishal G, PGDM + PGPM