Best College for BA LLB Course in Bangalore, Karnataka, India

BA LLB Course Overview

Bachelor of Arts – Bachelor of Legislative Law (BA LLB) is a five-year integrated LLB course that students are eligible to pursue after completing Class 12. The law course combines Humanities and Law streams, allowing candidates to study courses like Economics, Sociology, Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Company Law, Business Law, Corporate Law so on.

Ramaiah Institute of Legal Studies (RILS) is a prestigious institute for studying BA LLB. It is one of the best law colleges in Bangalore for BA LLB offering advanced legal and judicial studies to students. The institute’s law program is structured around a semester system, with a five-year program divided into ten semesters. The institute’s BA LLB program focuses on integrating legal and judicial knowledge to help candidates prepare for a career in the legal industry.


The BA LLB curriculum is meant to give students a wide understanding of the legal system and the judiciary. With a reputation as one of the top law colleges in Bangalore for BA LLB, our law course is meant to promote the different topics relevant to law. Students are taught theoretical subjects as well as practical experience through projects, internships, moot courts, and other activities during the five-year BA LLB program at the institute.

The Department of Law pushes the limits of knowledge and encourages students to succeed for the rest of their lives. Our law courses, which are dedicated to providing rigorous and relevant instruction, prepare learners to become responsible lawyers who will make a positive difference in society. We offer the best legal courses available, which increase academic understanding and help students advance in their careers.

BA LLB Syllabus

  1. General English
  2. Sociology: Invitation to sociology
  3. Legal Methods
  4. Political Science Theory & Thought
  5. Principles of Economics


  1. Kannada/ Kannada Kali
  2. Indian Society: Continuity & Change
  3. Law of Torts
  4. Money banking & International Trade
  5. Organisations & Institutions


  1. Constitutional Law- I
  2. Economic Theory & Public Finance
  3. Major World Government
  4. Recent Theoretical Perspective in Sociology
  5. State & political Obligation


  1. Constitutional Law- II
  2. Indian Penal Code ( Criminal Law)
  3. International Relation & Organisation
  4. Law of Contract- I
  5. Public Administration


  1. Labour Law- I- Syllabus as per Appendix- XI
  2. Jurisprudence
  3. Family Law- I- Hindu Law
  4. Contract- II (Specific Contracts)
  5. Administrative Law
  1. Labour Law- II
  2. Company Law
  3. Property Law
  4. Family Law- II Mohemmadan Law & Indian Succession Act
  1. Public International Law
  2. Law of Taxation
  3. Criminal Law- II- (Cr.P.C)
  4. Clinical Course - I : Professional Ethics & Professional Accounting System
  1. Law of Evidence
  2. Optional- I: Human Rights Law & Practice/ Insurance Law
  3. Optional- II: Banking Law/ Right to Information
  4. Clinical Course- II- Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems
  1. Civil Procedure Code & Limitation Act
  2. Optional- III- Intellectual Property Rights-I / Penology & Victimology
  3. Optional- IV- Interpretation of Statutes & Principles of Legislation/ Competition Law
  4. Clinical Course- III: Drafting, Pleading & Conveyance
  1. Environmental Law
  2. Optional- V: Intellectual Property Rights- II/ White Collar Crimes
  3. Optional- VI: Land Law/ Law relating to International Trade Economics
  4. Clinical Course- IV: Moot Court Exercise & Internship

BA LLB Program Structure

BA LLB is a five-year program that teaches students about many facets of the legal system and the judiciary. The institute’s BA LLB program helps students improve abilities such as problem-solving, high-level thinking, reasoning, and critical judgment, among others.


RILS, one of the top BA LLB colleges in Bangalore offers a ten-semester BA LLB program that prepares students for careers in courts, corporate sectors, or independent legal practitioners. Students will gain a thorough understanding of Political Science, Sociology, Economics, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Criminal Law, Labour Law, Company Law, Property Law, Family Law, International Law, Human Rights, Banking Law, Environmental Law, and a variety of other topics over ten semesters.

After completing your studies at RILS, one of the best law colleges in Bangalore for BA LLB, you can pursue a legal career in which you will fight injustice, resolve conflicts, and maintain societal stability. The BA LLB degree from the institute will help you earn a lucrative position as a lawyer in courts, commercial houses, private law firms, and other settings.

About the BA LLB Course

Eligibility Criteria for BA LLB

The eligibility criteria for pursuing a BA LLB course in RILS, are the following:

–> Applicants must have received a minimum of 45 percent in their +2/ PUC or equivalent.

–> SC/ST applicants receive a 5% relaxation.

–> According to Karnataka government laws, there is a reservation.

–> Applicants who graduated from a PU Board other than Karnataka should apply through RILS for an eligibility certificate from the Karnataka State Law University, Hubli.

–> Applicants must have passed one of the entry exams – CLAT, LSAT, AILET, or RILS entrance test.

Financial Aid

RILS Bangalore provides financial aid to deserving students in the form of educational loans. Fees can be paid in instalments by students.


The BA LLB is a five-year integrated LLB program in RILS. The program is taught over ten semesters. Throughout the semester, the college provides the most comprehensive legal education available.

Selection process

Applicants for the BA LLB program in RILS, the top law college in Bangalore for BA LLB, are chosen based on their 10+2 grades and performance in a personal interview.

Why RILS is the Best College for BA LLB in Bangalore?

RILS is one of the best colleges for BA LLB in Bangalore, offering advanced law education to students. The college has highly qualified and experienced faculty who provide in-depth legal knowledge to students.

The institute boasts a lovely campus with cutting-edge infrastructure that allows students to learn in a comfortable setting. The college infrastructure includes a well-equipped library, spacious classrooms, an auditorium, a conference hall, and upgraded instructional materials, among others. This top college with BA LLB in Bangalore helps you in acquiring the skills necessary for a legal profession in the public and commercial sectors.


Q: Can students from any stream pursue a BA LLB course?

A: Yes. BA LLB is open to students from any discipline. For admission to BA LLB, students must meet the fundamental qualifying criteria.

Q: Does RILS provide placement?

A: Yes, RILS can help you find a job. On-campus job interviews are held, with reputable companies participating in the search for qualified candidates.

Q: What are the career options available after completing a BA LLB course?

A: The BA LLB program prepares students for careers in a variety of professions. You can work in a variety of legal jobs in courts, corporations, and law firms. You can work as lawyers, solicitors, legal advisers, legal associates, public prosecutors, and others. You can also start your law firm and practice law.

Q: How much is the salary of BA LLB graduates?

A: The salary of BA LLB graduates varies depending on where they work. BA LLB graduates earn between INR 3 and 6 lakh per year.

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